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Position and Mission

 Our Position

As property owners we are proud of our accomplishments in improving and preserving our island environment for many years under the current regulations, which have historically been some of the most protective in the state. State law requires the review, and if necessary, update of our current laws. We know that state and federal laws provide guidance and process under which our current regulations may be changed. We find that uninformed local governments across the state have allowed special interests to hijack their legislative process, resulting in regulations that are not locally pertinent, not founded in relevant science and therefore can be unnecessary, overreaching, burdensome and can violate state and federal constitutional law. We feel that it is incumbent upon local citizens to know their rights and to understand the legislative process.  CSA provides the vehicle through which information can be provided to citizens and government alike, allowing citizens to be more engaged in our charter government and requiring government to follow established law and process to provide fair and enforceable laws for Islanders.
Our Mission
To inform and educate Islanders, as well as the San Juan County Council, Staff, and Planning Commission on sensible land use regulation and property rights, including the law and process regarding updates to the Critical Areas Ordinance (CAO) and Shorelines Management Program (SMP). As a part of this mission CSA considers it critical for all to consider the social, economic and environmental impacts of change, and to evaluate and balance those competing interests as common sense advises and the law requires.

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Common Sense Alliance is a grassroots organization formed in 2009 by concerned citizens to inform the community about San Juan County's proposed land use regulations affecting our community, economy, and environment. The purpose of our website is to keep you informed. Use the tools and links on our site to learn about the issues, keep informed on the latest developments, and get involved with the cause. Please contact us with any questions and feedback on how we can help you stay informed. 

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